McFlying off to rehab

It's a classic cautionary tale of young celebrity love: two popstars fall in lust, while the affair is played out in front of gleeful paparrazzi. Couple split, both give 'regretful' interviews with celeb mags, then reunite. Hearbreak follows however, when one of them (yes, we're talking about you, Frankie out of The Saturdays) upgrades to a footballing consort. Abandoned boy-band member is left with only his pummelled heart and a million screaming teenage fans. Poor Dougie McFly (for it is he) has reacted so badly to the split, that he has checked himself into The Priory to get over the break-up.

Speaking to The Daily Mail, Dougie said, 'Of course I was gutted about the break-up. It was totally unexpected and I really thought things were going well between us. It was bad timing just before Christmas too. I didn't fit in with The Saturdays and JLS crowd and party scene anyway.' A source close to McFly told the paper, 'He's been in there working hard on getting his head straight. He's not had a phone of been in touch with any of the band. But they're backing him all the way and hoping he comes out a far happier person.'

Speaking in an interview recently, Frankie may have made matters worse, by gushing about her new man, Wayne Bridges, saying, 'To be honest, I'm really not sure how long we've been together, it's all been such a whirlwind...' Ouch.

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