McFadden, bad and dangerous to know - and don't get us started on Katona...

This is one ring side seat we'd sell our soul, house and grandmother to sit at - Brian McFadden and Kerry Katona are due to meet at (oh, the symbolism and the melodrama) the Holy Communion of their children. Just a week after Brian tweeted 'Kerry Katona. YOU ARE DEAD TO ME!' the warring pair will don their best church-going atire and swap dirty looks over the font.

A source told The Mirror: 'Brian knows this is a big deal for his little girls and promised he would do his utmost to come back to be there for them. This was being planned way before Kerry started kicking off. His tirades on Twitter are just an indication of what is said privately about her. He wants to confront her about what she’s doing and demand she stop involving him. But having the Katona and McFadden families in the same room could cause all kinds of bust-ups. Kerry’s mum Sue has not seen Brian since he slated her for being a bad mother. And Kerry isn’t shy. But she has been trying to turn a corner, so this may give them a chance to put everything behind them.'

We're just praying that the reality TV cameras are there to record this happy, family occasion for posterity.

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