McCartneys in divorce court again

They’re at it again, those McCartneys. Back in court to try and work out a divorce settlement. Huge figures have been bandied around – including an alleged pay-off from Sir Paul of £60million. From his supposed £825million fortune. Poor fella.

And yet – while 60million squid sounds a lot, when you think about it’s not so bad. If Sir Paul had, say, £500million in his current account (the other £300million or so in ISAs, piggy banks etc), he’d get around six per cent interest a year – which nets him around £30million. So all Sir Paul has to do is not spend too much from his current account over the next couple of years and he’s paid his missus off. Or maybe it’s not that simple.

Anyway, you’d think he’d give her the dosh, just to get her out of his hair. If you were Sir Paul, how much would you pay Millsy?

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