Matt’s Goodwill Hunting

So yesterday we heard Johnny Depp gave £1million to Great Ormond Street to say thanks for looking after his little girl. Now we hear of another star’s generosity.

Matt Damon left a £500 tip at his local coffee shop much to the surprise and delight of staff. A source reports: “It was incredible, they could not believe it. It’s a nice restaurant with very famous and rich clientele - but this was something else. It made everyone’s day.”

Wow, isn’t he just grrreat!? Don’t know if we’re just being a bit cynical, but WAKE UP AND SMELL THE PUBLICITY! A nice gesture, but we can’t help but think that the person who profited from this the most was Mr Damon. Ok, ok! Well done, Matt, pat on the back… Which movie are you about to start plugging, by the way?

(Image: from YouTube)

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