Matt and the S Clubber

Having just won X Factor, Matt Cardle could probably have his pick of the current crop of pop-ettes, though he's gone a bit retro in his choice of squeeze, seducing a member of S Club Juniors (don't worry, they're not 12 anymore), a lady called Stacey Mclean. He took the S Clubber to a casino, then back to his room, to talk her through his X Factor 'journey'.

According to The Daily Mail Matt claimed that he was swearing off the dancing girls, in order to concentrate on his muzak, saying, 'It is pretty shallow and I am wary of why they are like that. I am not thinking about sex. I am not going to let things get in the way. I'm really going to knuckle down. I want the songs right, the album right and my career right before I think of anything like that.'

Hmmm, well Matt's age of austerity lasted all of three seconds...

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