Matt and Katie at war

Leaking stories to tabloids in order to boost popularity? This year's XFactor crop are certainly a media savvy bunch. Katie Waissel is in the dog-house with her fellow hopeful Matt (the one who always wears a flat cap) after apparently letting the papers know that she had 'spent the night' with him. Matt was not impressed, and blasted the wilfully-kooky Waissel for her cynical ways.

According to The Sun, Matt shouted at Katie, 'What do you think you're doing? We were only watching TV - now it looks like we're an item. I've just come out of a relationship and I'm not about to get into another right now. Especially not with you. You're not my type. Stop making this stuff up. You've humiliated me and you won't have done yourself any favours.'

Another source said, 'Getting close to Matt can make her look popular. Everyone loves him. But you can't go around making stuff up. She's had tears down her cheeks, going on about how she's a really bad person. She's not a bad person, she's just desperate to win. Everyone does stupid things now and again.'

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