Masterchef gets X Factor revamp

The new series of Masterchef started last night, and it was immediately apparent to anyone with ears and eyes, that the days of Lloyd Grossman ambling round a cheap studio being gentlemanly are long gone. The new show has taken its cue from X Factor, including the addition of a stage, where contestants wait for the all-important 'yay' or 'nay' verdict from John Torode and Gregg Wallace while pompous music blares out. And the viewers are up in arms, taking to forums to vent their displeasure.

A blogger on Digital Spy spoke for many when he posted,'By the time I return from my hols, hopefully the X-Factor c**p will be complete, and we will be back to something a bit more MasterChef.'

A BBC spokesman defended the changes (well, that's his job), saying, 'The level of cooking on MasterChef has increased phenomenally over the years. The new format gave more people a chance to cook their own food individually for John and Gregg from the outset, and presented a bigger challenge. With such a high standard of cook coming through the doors, it’s vital that John and Gregg have an informed discussion and agree on the right people to go through to the final 20.'

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