Martin Fowler : smoking weed

Alex Haines turned to the dark side - and now Amy Winehouse has pulled another pal into her evil drug web. James Alexandrou aka Martin Fowler from Eastenders.

A friend posted a photo of Fowler smoking a spliff and looking ready to roll up another one any minute on Facebook. And because Fowler's been spotted hanging about with Amy in recent months, she's been fingered as the culprit . Nevermind if she wasn't even there.

Riiight. Wino's guilty of a lot of things, but getting James Alexandrou stoned is not one of them - he can do that all by himself. Is it finally time to find a new star for the most addictive online game of all time '6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon'..... 6 Degrees of Amy Winehouse?

Could go something like this : 'I once shopped in the same branch of Tesco as Wino's ex dustbinman who once got free tickets to see her in concert from a mate who knows who she is cos he's seen her in the paper but in the end couldn't make it because he was smoking crack in an area of London she once passed through on a bus....

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