Martin and Paltrow to spend more time apart - reports

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are set to spend even more time apart in the New Year according to reports in a number of tabloids this morning.

The news comes just weeks after Coldplay singer Martin was forced to rubbish allegations of an affair with Hollywood actress Kate Bosworth.

The Daily Mail claims that the celebrity couple will spend months apart in 2010 with Paltrow having just signed up to a number film projects.

'Gwyneth will be spending a lot of time away to focus on her new movies,' an unnamed source told Alan Partridge's favourite paper. 'She's going to Berlin in the spring to make The Danish Girl. Before that, she will star in a small-budget independent musical set in America’s Deep South. She loves singing so it was a role she couldn’t turn down.'

The New York born actress will also be promoting Iron Man 2 in 2010, but a spokesperson for the 37-year-old underlined that despite the busy schedule Paltrow still has 'plenty of time for her family.'

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