'Marriage isn't at all rosy'

Gwyneth Paltrow is often criticised for being a little on the smug and self-satisfied side - though, wouldn't you be with homes in every port, an Oscar and a shoe collection to rival Jordan's? - however in a recent interview she has sounded less than happy about her marriage to Coldplay's Chris Martin.

Gwynnie told Elle magazine,'Sometimes it’s hard being with someone for a long time. We go through periods that aren’t all rosy. I always say, life is long and you never know what’s going to happen. If, God forbid, we were ever not to be together, I respect him so much as the father of my children. I made such a good choice. He’s such a good dad. You can never be relaxed or smug and think, 'I’ve got this thing.' That’s also part of it: keeping yourself on your toes. I’m not going to take this for granted.'

Paltrow also said that she understood why Chris wanted to keep his marriage secret, 'He makes music for his fans, and he doesn’t want people to conjure a lame famous couple when they’re getting into his music. I get it.' Hmm, the words of a happy lady?

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