Marnie Simpson refutes she was fired from Geordie Shore

  • @Daily_Star - Wikimedia

Reports that Marnie Simpson was sacked from Geordie Shore are totally untrue according to the lady herself. Simpson has spoken out and said that she quit the show to spend more time with her husband-to-be Ricky Rayment who also left the reality TV show himself back in February.

Simpson told fans on Twitter "Being part of Geordie Shore was amazing and one of the best experiences I've ever been given and I will never forget it, but I couldn't continue in the show and I didn't enjoy it. Given a choice on the day of my engagement say no and continue with geordie shore or say yes and leave it for good."

She explained her decision further saying "I choose to get engaged to ricky and say good bye to the show, a decision I’m still extremely happy with. I would never let the person I love go because of a TV show." Rayment meanwhile is about to embark on a singing career and is about to release his first single.

It was reported earlier this week that Simpson had been sacked from participating in the upcoming season due to an apparent tantrum. Geordie Shore makers MTV confirmed that they are looking for a new cast member for the show but insisted "no decision has been made".

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