Mark's mini meltdown

Mark Owen has always been the most sensitive member of Take That, maybe it's his height, his ridiculously youthful looks, or his stints in rehab, but he's the TT member who seems more vulnerable than the rest. And it transpires that the man-rock star has been suffering from bouts of panic before the band kick off their huge stadium tour.

Mark told The Sun, 'A few weeks ago I had a pre-tour panic, a bit of a meltdown, which I went through for a couple of days. Not much sleep, but I came through the other end and I've been all right since. But we're confident with it now and I think the show's going to be brilliant.'

Mark also dropped hints that there might have been a few spats along the way, saying, 'There are certain members of us who push the theatrics more than the others and it's trying to find that happy medium where everybody's comfortable. We're like kids really. We're all a bit excited about life and the tour and I'm really proud of what we've achieved. I hope everyone enjoys it.'

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