Mark Ronson to play Smirnoff Experience

If only we were extremely good friends to The Stars we might be able to bag ourselves a freebie to this gig.....

Mark Ronson is doing his bit for a good cause by playing a concert in Paris (July 2nd) where he'll be recreating his Version album while giving classic Duran Duran tunes a modern Ronson tweak - alongside Duran Duran themselves.

The worthy cause? Smirnoff Vodka

The Ronson gig is the third Smirnoff Experience event - a global happening which teams up big name stars with cracking venues, (Moscow, New York, Shanghai) a boat load of Smirnoff and massive amounts of publicity. Past acts include Faithless and Kelis.

Because we've had so many great messy nights on the tasty sauce we thought it only fitting to put the full weight of our support behind it. Even if Ronson's got an annoying accent and claims to have 'Russian blood'. Check it out.

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