Mark Ronson : scoops £1 million jackpot

P Diddy might think he knows a thing or two about chucking a bash - but he's got nothing on The Dawsons of the Cotswolds. Who? The Dawson family - super dooper rich haulage magnates, now responsible for the most shamelessly extravagant 21st birthday party ever to be thrown on UK shores.

After a frantic hunt down the side of the sofa for loose change, Poppa Dawson ( worth around £850 million) resurfaced with a measly £4 million budget for his daughter Freya's 21st party at the weekend. Stingy! But not for everyone. Mark Ronson pocketed a cool £1 million for a 45 minute set, during which he trotted out a few dozen hits from an already platinum selling album, sang a half hearted 'happy birthday' and was accompanied by Hed Kandi DJs and Jamaroquai. Filthy paycheque if ever we heard, even if Ronson is dangerously easy on the eye!

Ronson aside, the party was Moulin Rouge inspired and, as such, saw Freya Dawson lowered from the ceiling on wires dressed as a nineteenth century French prostitute. Daddy Dawson also laid on a circus, a full scale nightclub and extravagant firework display. Of coooourse. Ostentatious it was. Jealous that we didn't get an invite we are not. What happened to wandering the streets swigging Stella from a brown paper bag with a few mates and a birthday kebab for after? Kids of today........

Check out Alan Carr and Justin Lee Collins remixing some Mark Ronson classics. About 4 minutes in. Funny.

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