Mark Ronson charms pants off Daisy Lowe

Mark Ronson's got his eye on Daisy Lowe and has been pulling out all the stops to nail the 18 year old lingerie model since first meeting her last year - when 32 year old Mark was knocked out by her razor sharp wit. And beauty.

Since then Ronson's been chasing Daisy round the globe like a boar on heat, at one point even whisking her off to Miami on a sunshine charm offensive - as well as chewing the cud together in London and New York, where they both have homes.

As the lovechild of Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale and one time Powder singer / Primrose Hill founding father Pearl Lowe - Daisy is by birthright, very cool. And therefore probably exempt from sniping re whether the coupling has a wee whiff of the R-Kellies about it or not.

But if rumours about Daisy cutting her teeth alongside Peaches Useless as a TV presenter at the 2008 Glamour Best Dressed List are true, (to air on new digital channel Fiver,) a fling with the thinking woman's DJ Mark Ronson might be just the move to cement brand Daisy.

Check out Daisy looking cute as a pixie during a Doc Martens shoot.

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