Mark Morrison: 'I’m Leicester's version of The Beatles'

Mark Morrison has claimed he’s Leicester’s version of, get this... The Beatles.

Wannabe gansta Morrison (who had a one-hit wonder last century with Return Of The Mack) told My Chemical Toilet that he’s the best thing to ever come out of the midlands city;

"I will always be the all-time musical great of your city. I'm The Beatles of that city," he said. Although The Big Mac is more famed for his crime breaking (leading to two prison sentences and a driving ban) he went on to complain about other fellow Leicester-based celebrities;

"I don't see a Gary Lineker soccer school in Leicester. I don't see an Engelbert Humperdinck or a Showaddywaddy singing school in Leicester. I came back, I put on talent shows in Leicester." We don’t see a Mark Morrison law-breaking school either, oh yeah, sorry...HMP Leicester.

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