Mark Lester tells Jeremy Kyle he wants goddaughter Paris Jackson to move to the UK

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In yet another twist in the Jackson's saga, British actor Mark Lester has turned up on the Jeremy Kyle show to express his concern for goddaughter Paris Jackson's well-being after her failed suicide attempt. The thing is, there's the possibility he could be something more than a godfather to her, as he was named as one of the donors who in the 1990's provided Michael Jackson with the genetic material needed for the conception of the singer's offspring.

Mark Lester, who hasn't seen Prince, Paris and Blanket since the singer's tragic death in 2009, is also planning a DNA test to establish the kids' paternity. And despite the fact that the natural father's identity to this day still remains a mystery, the 54-year-old former child star wants the world to know that he's there for them.

After suggesting that the troubled Paris Jackson would be better off if she moved to the UK with him for a while, he solemnly declared on the Jeremy Kyle Show:

"Michael would expect me to give the olive branch, a place for her sanctuary, a place to come and stay. Certainly it would be a breath of fresh air, hang out with people who are not going to idolise her for being Paris Jackson but for being the kid that she is, she just needs friends."

Currently a witness in the Jackson family's £26billion wrongful death suit against AEG Live for Michael's premature passing, 15-year-old Paris attempted suicide less than a month ago, following revelations that she doesn't share the same biological father as her older brother, Prince.

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