Mark Croft: wants nothing to do with lovechild

If you were famous (on the back of your famous wife) and wanted to give your love-rat public image a much needed spruce up, you'd think going on telly to declare you want nothing to do with your illegitimate young son, would be a big boo boo. Well not for the emotional un-filtered Mark Croft.

During an episode of the latest Kerry-crash reality show, 'Kerry Katona: 12 Months of Mayhem', Croft revealed that he's not interested in playing a part in his 3 year old eldest son's life (who he claims to have fathered before he started seeing Kerry.)

The MTV show (billed as a 'documentary' despite the glaring lack of serious subject matter) sees Croft opening the results to his paternity test: 'It’s come back I’m 99 point something that I’m the father. Sounds nasty but I’ve got my family. I don’t want anything to do with him, though financially I'll do as best as I can to help out. It's not up for discussion." Kerry tells Mark he'll regret his decision. However, in a recent interview with OK Magazine, she then moans about having to continually defend Croft to the public.

Well Kerry luv, you wouldn't have to defend him if he did his own publicity a bit of a favour by not being such a...(insert adjective.) It's one thing fathering a secret child and denying his existence until proven guilty, its another going on very public record to say you want absolutely nothing to do with him. How's the poor little mite going to feel when he sits down to the inevitable MTV reruns of the carcrash show in the future? Not fair.

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