Marcus Mumford and Carey Mulligan get hitched

It was the society wedding of the year. Sorry, make that showbiz wedding of the year. Posh folkie Marcus Mumford married posh actress Carey Mulligan on a Somerset farm in front of 100 guests, including showbiz mates.

Those in attendance included Colin Firth, Jake Gyllenhaal and Sienna Miller. Mulligan reportedly persuaded Firth to give a speech, although it’s not clear whether he delivered it with the stutter he perfected in The King’s Speech.

Apart from the stars in attendance, the wedding seems to have been an informal and low-key affair, in keeping with the public school educated Mumfords’ determination to cultivate an image as rustic yokels.

Adele had been rumoured to be turning up to serenade the couple, but that didn’t happen. A source told US Weekly: "At the end of the night there were just the musicians, Jake, Carey and the Mumford boys. We had some pizza and just played music. Jake picked up a guitar and Carey joined in on 'Amazing Grace'."

Sounds, er . . . lovely. Mumford and Sons recently received the double-edged sword of the Prime Minister’s approval when he asked them to play at a White House show in front of Cameron and Barack Obama. With Carey Mulligan having connections with Conservative peer Julian Fellowes, the happy couple can probably look forward to a few invitations to supper parties at number 10.

In the meantime Mumford and Sons have a small UK tour booked to showcase the songs from their new album. The tour begins at Cardiff St Davids Hall on May 30.

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