Man Andre edge

Picture the scene: Pete's ex tabloid fodder wife has just married a transvestite cage fighter on a whim. Said ex wife is getting lap dances in Vegas while the kids are at home. Dwight Yorke, biological father of Harvey has called Pete 'disrespectful' for wanting to adopt his child. The only thing going well for Pete at the moment is an autograph signing in Basildon last night.

That's no reason for Kay Burley (or, leader of the 7 horse apocalypse as Noel Gallagher puts it) not to ask some tough questions, though, is it? Pete looks uncomfortable as he answers. He is taciturn on the subject of his kids, cordial on the subject of Jordan's wedding. In fact, all things considered he's doing rather well until a clip of Dwight Yorke's aforementioned comments flashes up: cue Pete losing it, (see vid below.) The unruffable Kay Burley is ruffled: 'we did tell you we were going to show that clip'....Too late Kay, Pete is in tears. Oh dear.

Is the Jordan divorce circus catching up on Pete? Ever since the split he has been looking gaunt and emotional. He hasn't got a new girlfriend and all his energy is poured into looking after his kids instead of er, marrying cage fighters. Where's the cheesy-but-cuddly Mysterious Girl singer of old gone? Pete, come back.....

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