Magical Water Princess : Japanese toilet gadget

Gone are the days of a lump of loo roll shoved down the lav as a pre drop 'landing pad,' or staged courtesy flushes which never quite last long enough....and in are the days of the Magical Water Princess.

The Water Princess is a Japanese gadget found in ladies loos which simulates the sound of a toilet flushing - in the process muffling splash back booms, cheeky pre-release guffs, and a myriad of other noises which haunt women the world over when doing their business. The gadget is easy to use and can be activated and stopped at precise moments by the wave of a hand.

"Before the device was introduced in the 1980s, it seems that female patrons in restaurants would flush the toilet multiple times to mask the sounds, which wasted an incredible amount of water... " said a Japanese commentator of the innovative toilet technology. How long till the Water Princess becomes standard fare in toilets over here - or are British women not too posh to push?

Check out the fake flush - less of a tinkly trickle, more of a lions roar.

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