Madonna’s humble Christmas

With her millions upon millions, you would think Christmas at Madonna’s would be a lavish affair. Well, you’d be wrong. The Ritchies are reported to have cancelled the usual Christmas celebrations, in favour of a more low-key gathering. 

Instead of turkey and mince pies the family chowed down on a delicious low-fat macrobiotic feast. (Yum?) Madonna has lived by a strict macrobiotic diet and strenuous exercise regime which she will not waver from, not even for Christmas day.

Madonna’s worth a reported £240million so presents must be everywhere? No such luck for the kiddies, who exchange three small presents each. Madonna is against the commercialism of Christmas and says everyone is much happier without the gifts. (We wonder what Lourdes, Rocco and David have to say about this…)

But hey, maybe she’s right. It’s about spending time with your family and enjoying the Christmas spirit together. We can see it now. Your aunt moaning about the weather, hundreds of young nieces and nephews wiping their grubby hands on you and Grandma snoring in her chair after too many sherries….

On second thoughts: jus give us the pressies.

(Image: from choupigloupi’s flickr stream)

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