Madonna's brother writes Madonna biography

Madonna Ciccone has never been one for letting men control her life. Or even letting a man think he can talk about her life. So she's spitting teeth over the latest news that her brother, Christopher Ciccone is writing a biography about her. Snort snort!

The book, entitled 'Life With My Sister Madonna' is a 'warts n all' expose of 47 years growing up and working with the most famous woman in pop, and is set for release mid July. (Ghostwriters are skilled at quick turaround.)

Madonna, and Christopher Ciccone were once extremely close. She made him artistic director of her 1991 documentary 'Madonna Truth or Dare', and he designed and directed her 1993 'Girlie Show'. But she soon tired of his fame cadging ways, and has been trying to cut him loose ever since. 'They are no longer close' says Madge's spokeswoman of the family ties.

Although getting rid will be easier said than done. Simon & Schuster, (the publishers of the book) couldn't care less what Madge thinks, they know a cash cow when they smell one and are merrily touting round for buyers - 350,000 first print roll. We smell a best seller. What do you think, no to freeloading siblings, or all aboard the famous family band wagon - it's a dog eat dog world and a guy's gotta eat?

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