Madonna's brother spills beans on Good Morning America

So Her Madgesty's brother Christopher Ciccone is on the cusp of bringing out his explosive book 'Life With My Sister Madonna' and he's doing the rounds on chat shows to see if he can't drum up a bit more pre sales hysteria.

In a no holes barred interview with Good Morning America Christopher Ciccone talks about how close he and big sis Madge used to be. Sharing sour dough toast over breakfast together. Him wiping sweat off her naked body after strenuous dance routines. Living together when she got shot of Sean Penn. The only thing that ever came between this sibling 'marriage' was.....the dastardly Guy Ritchie.

"He (Guy Ritchie) came between us. The best way to get to my sister is to get in bed with her, and since I wasn't doing that....the last person to speak to her at night, has influence. We both couldn't really exist (Guy Ritchie and Ciccone) in the same hemisphere." Christopher also claims Guy Ritchie is a raving homophobe who cracked gags about gays during his wedding speech, causing the openly gay Christopher to leave the room.

When quizzed as to whether he thinks Madge and baseball player A-Rod have been playing ball together off pitch, Christopher dismisses it as 'highly unlikely' - referring to Madge's Catholic roots. Make that Kabbalah roots. Oh. Whatever. She's just not that type!

Christopher also thinks Her Madgesty will do whatever it takes to keep her marriage together (for the sake of the kids) and that much as she claims otherwise, is big time peeved about turning 50. Check out Christopher spilling all Her Madgesty's beans.

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