Madonna to adopt Indian baby girl

The sub-continental baby adoption juggernaut is showing no signs of slowing down.

No sooner has Madge's adoption of baby boy David Banda been signed sealed and delivered, than the Queen of Pop has her eye on another bub - this time from the Indian subcontinent. Madge has flushed plans to adopt an African baby girl down the pan in favour of an Indian one, following all the furure and red tape surrounding baby David's adoption.

Madge and the family jetted out to India in January to look at prospective babies...and are reported to be coming back to fetch a little girl just as soon as Madge finishes promoting her new album, Hard Candy.

Initial uprisings from Guy have been firmly crushed by Madge who has her heart set on another little girl - an addition which will redress the girl-boy divide in the Ritchie household once and for all.

With twins on the way, Brangelina's baby collection is still that little bit bigger.... but looks like Gadge could soon be giving them the stick!

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