Madonna revs up You Tube hoover

We always thought Lady Madge was too posh to push - until we saw her quite magnificent handling action during this bizarre domestic display.

Madge has treated fans to a You Tube video.... in which she shows off her hoovering skills. Wearing knee high tights, a little black dress and enough shiny beads to sink the Titanic, Madge sweeps round the floor busting filth and waxing lyrical about her new album, Hard Candy.

Unlike Tricia Walsh Smith, Madge manages a husky British accent as she explains she's cleaning up on the set of her new video, because everyone else has 'fu*ked off' and left her.

Just when things can't get any weirder, Madge cocks a leg over the hoover button, revs the engine and does a quick whizz round the floor - before thanking all her fellow You Toobers for the videos they've made of her new single Four Minutes. 'Keep up the good work' implores Queen of Pop before getting back to her chores. Check it out.

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