Madonna receives 'IT' dvds in post

So it was recently revealed that Guy Ritchie used to refer to his ex wife Madonna as 'It'. 'It' is the name of a Steven King book based on a children eating clown called Pennywise to which the title refers. Yum!

Well the joke doesn't end there. Apparently Madge has received over 100 copies of the DVD and book sent via anonymous mail to each of her residences. "She's received the packages at all of her addresses so she suspects they are from somebody she knows. And she is furious" a source said. The same source also claimed the Queen of Pop 'doesn't know how to get rid of them' - erm, the bin?

Ritchie regularly used the 'It' moniker before the couple officially divorced. Sources quoted him as saying; "We can't make 'It' angry," or "It' is in a bad mood today".

....Something tells us it didn't start as one of those cute pet names at the beginning of the marriage which quickly soured. Sounds like Ritchie really couldn't stand It from the off. Sorry, her.

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