Madonna - 'lesbian' stage kiss take 2

How to spice up a stage show if you are Madonna : the rules.

Wear an outfit that wouldn't look out place in a boxing ring and combine it with a lace, see through going out top.

retend to have a taste for the sauce by dancing about with an empty champagne bottle in hand.

Frenchy a female backing dancer in a move reminscent of your most successful stage snog ever with Britney.

Madonna gave fans a blast of her faux lesbo past by snogging a female backing dancer at her Hard Candy Show in Paris last night. The crowd went wild, and Madge, punk drunk on her powers of showmanship then waxed lyrical about her love for all things France.

"Why do I have this relationship with France? I'm always drawn to working with French people - and frenching French people. Vive la France!" she said (The Sun)

Madge also did a random spot check with the 1500 strong crowd about who they love more - her or the Rolling Stones. When they chanted 'you!' she replied modestly 'I thought you might say that'. Knocking on half a century - but still got it.

Watch 'Madge' and Brits going for it - funny funny funny.

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