Madonna labels Warner out

Madonna has sold over 200million albums and CDs for Warner Music over the last 25 years. Some were good (Like A Prayer) and some were not so good (Erotica). Either way, the party is over and Madonna has signed a new deal with concert promoter Live Nation.


Well, whatever Madge does you can be sure there’s a commercial angle to it. Live Nation promises to offer the pointy-boobed one a new way of reaching her fans. In other words, it offers a new way to make money. According to the female equivalent of Cliff Richard (because she never seems to age, not because of her music – of course), she’s simply shifting with the new ‘paradigm’ in the music industry.

She’s got to make one more album for Warner and then she’s set to cash in on a one-stop-shop big-bucks bonanza. Let’s hope she doesn’t make the same point as Lou Reed did with her sign-off effort Metal Machine Music – two sides of guitar feedback.

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