Madonna gets it on with Jesus (Luz)

Never the exhibitionist, Madonna has been photographed in a number of compromising positions with her new beau Jesus Luz in a 46 page spread for W magazine.

Surprisingly the normally reserved Madge is pictured wearing just a pair of knickers (someone buy that woman a pair of pants please!) while also donning a nun's habit in some shots while frolicking with the 22-year-old Brazilian Luz.

The pair are rumoured to be bumping uglies after being snapped having an intimate lunch in New York. Former Mr Madonna and everyone's favourite Mockney, Guy Ritchie, is in the Big Apple putting the finishing touches on his film version of Sherlock Holmes. The director of Lock, Mock and Barrel of Washboards is said to be none to pleased with his ex-wife's display, referring to Luz in true Mockney style as a a no good Hampton Wick.

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