Madonna gets friendly with Jesus

Things move at breakneck speed in Madonna's world. Last week the Grandma of Pop was 'intoxicated/ready to procreate with a baseball star, now she's officially 'ficando' with a Brazilian male model. No, we'd never heard it either. (It's Portugese for fu*k buddy)

Yes, whily old fox Madge plucked Jesus Luz from the masses while working on a photoshoot in Rio De Janeiro. Her Madgesty and the males clotheshorse got so friendly on the shoot (as in public kissing etc) that Madge later summoned him to join her on the Brazilian leg of her Sticky and Sweet tour, and like a good boy, he immediately obliged .

"She was very interested in him. He's there with her now and photographer Steven Klein is helping him get along with everyone" a snitch told The New York Post.

Meanwhile Guy Ritchie is said to be scooping up sloppy seconds with Hugh Grant and Imran Khan's ex Jemima Khan, and Madge is said to be 'just delighted' that he's moved on (well it's been a month.) Alls well that ends well.

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