Madonna Fundraising

The stars turned out in force last night for the fundraising event hosted by Madonna for the Malawi orphans. Madonna looked radiant, perhaps a little too radiant – literally not a day over 20 – adding fuel to rumours of plastic surgery. But this wasn’t the only controversy she caused…

Gucci were also opening a store at the event – gaining raaaather a lot advertising from the star-studded charity event. Not to mention that the Raising Malawi charity’s founder Michael Berg is also co-director of The Kabbalah Centre – the religion to which Madonna is very much devoted to.

When asked about the old hoo-ha Madonna replied: "I don't really pay any attention to that. I am grateful that Gucci has underwritten this event – that's all that matters to me – their generosity. There's always controversy surrounding anything that involves change." But the event did raise an estimated $3.7 million. So all for a good cause and that…

Also to turn up were Scientology couple of the century Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and Umbrella babe Rhianna performed. However, stealing the show, as usual, was Jennifer Lopez. Supposedly expecting twins, the star shone and even defied the laws of physics. J Lo somehow walked around with her huuuuuge bump wearing a pair of extremely high heels.. How she didn’t topple over we have no idea… But you know, all in the day of the life of a sssssssstaaaaaaaar!

(Image: from YouTube)

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