Madonna & Britney : Sticky & Sweet 'lesbian' stage romp

Remember when Her Madgesty released her now not very infamous coffee table book 'Sex' and the world was summarily shocked and enthralled in one short gasp? Then remember when she and Britney got together for a quiet on stage snog at the MTV awards? Well now Her Madgesty's about to up the ante.

Madge and Britney will again be entwined in an erotic on stage clinch for Madge's Sticky & Sweet tour - but it'll be less of the sticky and sweet, more of the hot and uncomfortable. The Queen of Pop and her Hogwarts apprentice will be bandaged from head to foot in mummy costumes. They will then be slowly and erotically unbandaged by male dancers wearing leather up the bum thongs, until they too are stripped down to their....leather up the bum thongs.

Windows steaming up yet? Well, after they've made it out of the mummy suits the girls will do a sort of faux lesbo stage romp (hands, boobs, up the bum thongs all over the place) until the crowd go so wild they all pass out and Madge nips off for a cup of tea and a lie down. Oh and all this will be projected onto 20ft TV screens while Britney and Madge simultaneously sing 'Piece of Me' and 'The Beat Goes on.'

Sensory overload? Stunning collaboration between the visual, musical and erotic? Or 'I'm nearly a quarter of a century old so better prove I've still got it'? Check out some Madonna / Britney spoofs. American one's funny, but French and Saunders take the crown.

Madonna and Britney - French and Saunders
Madonna and Britney MadTV sketch

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