Madonna becomes mum again

When Madonna and Guy Ritchie plucked David Banda from a Malawi orphanage a year and a half ago, they could never have imagined just how stringy and long and annoying red tape could be.

But looks like the Malawian government have finally given two thumbs up to Madge and Guy's adoption of baby David - following a lengthy Interim Adoption Order which has thus far prevented the pair making the adoption official.

Accused of all sorts of celebrity trickery in nudging along the adoption process, Madonna's been keen to show the whole thing is not just a celebrity whim.

She might not have been out there getting her hands dirty with the actual construction, but Madge has shown her committment to Malawi by bankrolling the building of an orphanage, putting on a cracking, sleb filled fundraiser to get some cash together for the impoverished nation, and starting her own charity Raising Malawi.

And since reports of a potential Madge-Guy split have been so spectacularly poo-pooed, recently, looks like all may be calm in the Ritchie residence again. God we're relieved.

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