Madonna and Justin - collaborators in pop

Madonna has revealed that she really enjoyed working with Justin Timberlake on her new album Hard Candy. And that their time writing together was much like being in therapy. Er? Whatever that means. That Justin stroked his beard thoughtfully and 'just listened' while Madge moaned on about how hard it is cracking the lotus in yoga?

Nooo. Flat cap Madge reckons the pair shared deep and meaningfuls when writing the song 'Four minutes to save the world' - (sounds like a Rambo flick to us) and that Justin's one of a select few young starlings she's really 'connected with' over the years. Apart of course from Britney who she once 'connected with' so much it turned into a faux lesbo snog..oops!) Still. These things happen.

We think all this 'isn't he wonderful' business, is the The Queen of Pop's way of sending a coded message to the Prince of Pop - that she fancies him....Which would make it incest. Eeeurgh!

We'll have to hang tight till April 23rd to see if there's any chemistry between Madonna and Justin on the track. Until then, let's just make wild unfounded assumptions.

And watch funny Madge - Justin mushy gushy videos. Check it out.

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