Madonna and Guy Ritchie : prepare for divorce

There's planning every last thing down to the last Excel spreadsheet, and there's realising your cash cow of a tour might not be such a milker if you divorce too soon. Yup. Her Madgesty and Guy Ritchie are throwing in the towel on their 7 year marriage.... but will delay the official announcement till November when Madge's Sticky and Sweet tour ends. Canny.

Madge and Guy have been drifting apart for some time now.Guy divides his time between the The Punchbowl (the pub they own), perfecting his new brand of luxury whiskey and pottering about his bedroom (where he sleeps so as not to get under Madge's feet.) Madge gets on with all day body sculpting, celebrity adoption and Kabbalah - and rarely the twain they meet.

A source said "They live like brother and sister rather than husband and wife and thought it best to call it a day. There's been speculation about them having furious rows, but they have just grown apart. They've decided they are better off as friends. It's sad, but they're determined to keep it amicable."

Madge has already enlisted the help of an expensive divorce lawyer - Fiona Shackleton. Shack handled the Macca/Mucca divorce and got a glass of water poured over her head by Mills in the process. Lets hope she doesn't pi*s Madge off, a glass of water on the head's about the best she could hope for!

Check out Madge totally ratted down the Punchbowl while Guy tinkers cheerily on guitar.

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