Madge meets the parents

Cringworthy as it is, even popstars have to meet the parents. Add to the mix the fact that you're 15 years older than your boyfriend's own mother and that's got to make for an awkward first meet. Not for Madonna. The age-defying icon is planning on marrying boy-toy Jesus whether the olds like it or not.

Older celeb woman dates young hot guy is a trend that just won't go away. A few of our favourites.

Sadie Frost: Remember the 24 year old flamenco guitarist 38 year old Sadie shacked up with post Jude? A prolonged fling with Jackson got her through the initial dark days of life without Jude - and then she dumped him.

Barbara Windsor: Babs has been married more times than we've had hot dinners, (alright, only 3) but her latest is for keeps. At 46, Scott Mitchell is 26 years younger than 71 year old Babs. 9 years after marrying they're still going strong.

Sam Taylor Wood: The artist has never been one to run with the herd. Since splitting with her art dealer hubby Jay Jopling (who himself did his bit for the generations by having a fling with Lily Allen) the artist has been dating 19 year old actor and star of her film Nowhere Boy, Aaron Johnson. They recently announced their engagement. What do 19 year old boys and 46 year old women talk about? We've know idea. But at the moment it works. At the moment.

Demi Moore: We thought this one would never last, but 6 years later, Demi and Ashton are still gushing over each other in interviews. They're one of tightest power-couples in Hollywood and Ashton has been doing a sterling job as stepfather to Demi's three girls. What a munchkin. Even Bruce approves.

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