Madge 'fer it

We've had John Mayer making a wally out of himself, and now comes another - more unlikely candidate: Madonna. The dominatrix looks way out of her depth - and waay out of touch, at a nightclub with child bride Jesus Luz. In fact the scene screams 'mum in a club' louder than if she'd turned up in her slippers and rollers to give him a lift home.

Picture the scene: Madge sits down while her boytoy gives it socks on the dancefloor with no shirt on....(and his name tattooed on his back in case he forgets it.) Madge sits down some more. And some more. People look at her. They leave.

If we were being kind, we'd say it was nice of Madonna to accompany Jesus on one of his social outings, if we weren't we'd say: Madge - reliving your yoof through gritted teeth for the sake of a pretty face smacks of desperation.

And more to the point, where does she get the energy? Gossips say that she's seeing Jesus and A-Rod and ex sperm donor Carlos at the same time. Madge, one dim-witted man at a time.....

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