Madge calls the hired help

So Her Madgesty's wish was finally granted last week and little Mercy James (who is about to become one of the most famous children in the entire world) is now officially hers. All good in the hood.

So what's the first thing you would do with a newly adopted child? Introduce her to her siblings? Get her bedroom ready? Cook her some of her favourite treats? Quite possibly - but not if you're Madge: the Queen of Pop has flown in a nanny and a nurse. The 2 strong team will look after little Mercy at Madonna's Malawian lodge until the semi-orphan is jetted back to the US once adoption papers have been formally signed.

Now noone's denying that a nanny is essential fare when it comes to celebrity childrearing, but couldn't Madge have got to know Mercy just a tiny bit better herself before introducing her to the hired help?

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