Madge : boobs out at Radio 1 Big Weekend

No pretend lesbianing at the Radio 1 Big Weekend but Madge knew she'd have to pull out at least a couple of stops to keep the crowd interested.

So she cursed like a fishwife while sporting a pair of fun bags so wibbly and mountainous that The Media are going into overdrive wondering if she hasn't had a little something done.

Not so if you ask a trained eye like ours. Madge's immense rack is nothing more than the work of a steely bra and maybe even a couple of Guy's socks or some rolled up loo roll shoved down there - yoga and clean living never gave anyone wilburs like that before!

As for the swearing. “You guys are going to have to start f***ing it up out there ’cos I need to feel some love. I’m going to do an old song. But not too old. F**k the present. Let’s live in the past” yelled Madge, limbering up for 'Hung Up' whilst twiddling an S&M cane.

Zane Lowe was forced to muffle a half hearted apology and The Beeb have had a number of 'furious compaints'. It was after all - very risque.

Well done Madge

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