Madge and A-Rod can't get enough of each other

Don't you just love celebs? They don't experience feelings or emotions in the same way as ordinary human beings, they always have to go that extra mile, climb that extra rung on the ladder of emotional intensity.

Take Madonna and new love interest A-Rod for example; they're not just getting along quite nicely now Guy is out of the picture, in actual fact they're 'intoxicated' by each other. (Of course!) An informer close to the pair said, "Alex and Madonna are very, very cosy. Yes, they are intimate, and they are intoxicated with one another".

Unfortunately for them, celebrity intoxication has a limited shelf life. "This isn't a deep and serious love affair. It will last as long as Madonna wants it to. She could get five or six years out of it - but only if it's in her best interest to keep him around" continued the snitch.

In essence, 'intoxication' one minute, Madge plotting to give A-Rod the elbow as soon as she's had her fill and/or his sperm count drops below unacceptable procreation levels the next. Business as usual in Camp Madge then....

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