Made in Chelsea's Jamie Laing learns to drive to become more independent

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Made in Chelsea star Jamie Laing is currently learning to drive in a bid to become more independent. Jamie usually relies on his friends and family to chauffeur him around and learning to drive himself is the only way he can be totally free to come and go where he pleases.

In typical Laing style, he has partnered up with Hyundai and will be learning the skills of the road in a customised Hyundai i10 as part of a mini-video series documenting his progress around the streets of Chelsea. The car even has a cheeky message scrawled across the side of it which reads "The Boi is learning" signifying the title of the mini-series along with the tagline "It's Been a Laing Time Coming".

The driving lessons will no doubt boost Hyundai's sales figures in the UK market with the amount of interest that Laing can generate in these parts. Tony Whitehorn, President and CEO of Hyundai UK, said: "We've been working with Jamie for the past year supporting his successful confectionary brand. When we found out that Jamie couldn't drive, we thought that we really needed to give him a helping hand. Learner drivers in the UK have on average 47 driving lessons and 20 hours of practice before they take their test. Let's see how many lessons Jamie needs."

Jamie's mother Penny has fully welcomed the development and believes it is long overdue saying "That boy is 25 years old and still has to get to a station, get on a train and ring his mother to come and collect him because he doesn’t have a driving licence. He drives us all mad!"

Savvy businessman Jamie is under the strict tutelage of driving instructor Dean Ban who said of his student: “I think he’s finding it hard to digest that I am the teacher. He is used to giving orders, not receiving them!" It will certainly be interesting to see how Jamie gets on behind the wheel in the coming weeks.

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