Made in Chelsea Episode 4: Stevie and Spencer duke it out over Billie

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Made in Chelsea fans have been treated to a real love triangle so far this season but in Episode 4, as both Stevie and Spencer were doing their utmost to impress New Yorker Billie Carroll, she revealed that she would prefer to make things a little more straightforward and date Stevie exclusively.

The latest episode saw Stevie and his mate Lucy apply a little gentle pressure to Billie in a bid to force her to choose between Chelsea boys Spencer and Stevie. Billie then went on a date with Spencer which seemed to tip the odds of a romance blossoming between those two in his favour.

Stevie, however, was unshakeable in his confidence in the special something that he and Billie shared and speaking about Spencer's chances he said "I knew this date would be happening at some point but I'm not going to back down. If something did happen, it would be devastating but after we had our first kiss, I know she likes me. I don't think anything would happen. I think she's got more sense than to fall for his bullshit!"

It wasn't all one way traffic like Stevie imagined though as Spencer and Billie did share a kiss or two on their date. Spencer even managed to fire off a quickfire text to his pal Jamie Laing to tell him he managed to get the snog that had evaded him on his first date with Billie. Stevie and Lucy were both on hand to hear of the news though and this prompted them to give Billie an ultimatum on which boy she wanted to be with.

After Lucy had a brief word in Billie's ear, Billie searched out Stevie and broke the news to him that she only wanted to be with him and had no intention of taking things any further with Spencer. Needless to say, Spencer was not best pleased when he learned of the latest development saying "Stevie was a virgin three weeks ago so how he's beat me is beyond me".

Episode 5 promises to be a little bit spicy as Stevie's ex girlfriend will make an appearance and put the cat firmly among the pigeons. You can catch the next Made in Chelsea episode on Sunday at 9pm on E4.

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