Macca wants world to go veggy

Paul McCartney wants folk to stop gorging on meat and go vegetarian - in order to save the planet.

In an interview with PETA (People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals) Macca claims eating meat contributes massively to global warming and that opting to go vegetarian might just be the best thing us hooman beans can do to keep the world from being wiped out forever.

"I would urge everyone to think about taking this simple step to help our precious environment and save it for the children of the future." says Macca. (Reuters)

And much as there's nothing we detest more than smug celebrity preaching - Macca's also got clever facts to back it up. Like a 2006 United Nations report which found "cattle-rearing generated more greenhouse gases than transportation" (Reuters)

Damning - and all of which we agree with. But still can't help thinking Macca hasn't had a decent night out on the razz and found himself in a taxi queue at 4am gagging for nothing else but a filthy bab or chicken and chips from a skanky but delicious 24 hour takeaway.

In which case could a nut roast ever really crack it?

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