Macca moves on

Macca's back in the saddle. The ex Beatle is larging it in Antigua with new squeeze Nancy Shevvel.. And much as we don't like to lay our cards on the table tooooo soon, she could just be our favourite candidate in the 'Companion To Macca In His Twilight Years' race. Here's why.

For one, the right honourable Nance is already a millionairess - she couldn't give a fiddlers jiff how much Paul's packing in the bank..because the trucking heiress has got a bob or two stashed away herself.

Number two, she's no spring chicken. At 47 Nancy's been round the block a few times, done some living, and has the wisdom of a middle aged, newly divorced gal to being to the table. Unlike the volatile young Mucca.

Number three, Nancy and her ex hubby Bruce were great pals of Paul and Linda's. Which means the pair have already forged a strong friendship and aren't just acting on silly infatutation. Macca's kids are already comparing her to Jackie O - and no doubt Linda would have approved too.

Number four - she's on the board of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Which proves she sometimes does boring stuff too when she's not off living the high life.

But before we get too overexcited, we'll be whipping out our red biro and marking ONE naughty cross in Nance's box. She's a big time Republican and has even donated large cash sums to divvy Dubs. Big cacky bob-ah.

Still. While poor taste in politics can rarely be tolerated, we're willing to give her the benefit of the doubt since she's scored so highly elsewhere.

Meanwhile, Mucca's holed up in the Big Apple 'househunting' and releasing statements about how 'delighted' she is for Macca's new romance.
Alls fair in love and divorce.

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