Macca confirms X-Factor talks

It was reported last week that Sir Paul McCartney was being lined-up to appear on the X-Factor live final. These types of stories usually turn out to be a load of PR gumpf from gossip spinners in the business of selling papers and boosting show ratings. Why the hell would a legendary Beatle go on a cheesy karaoke contest show anyway?

Well, because he's an advocate of top notch talent singers and he has a new DVD to plug. Macca has confirmed that he is in talk with X-Factor producers to perform on the December 13th final.

‘It's something we are talking about. Dermot O'Leary is a lovely man who I know very well. He's full of energy and keen for me to do it,’ the legend told The Sun.

‘We're seeing if we can make it work. I've been watching on and off with my family. Sometimes it throws up someone brilliant like Leona Lewis. Other years have not been so good.’

The newspaper also asked Sir Macca for his thoughts on comedy double act John & Edward: ‘It's impossible not to like them. They're a great couple of lads. But let's be honest, they were never going to last much longer in the show. They had to go.’

Macca to replace Dannii Minougue rumours start here.

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