Lynne Spears : Britney was boozing, doing drugs and having sex at 14

What the ...?! Britney Spears wasn't a virginial Southern teenager who enjoyed dressing up in school uniform and begging to be 'hit one more time' - she was actually going at it hammer and tong from age 14 on.

According to The Sun, Lynne Spears' new book 'Through The Storm' will tell how Britney spent her early teens boozing, doing drugs and riding high, but that the Spears family maintained her god fearing squeaky clean routine for the good of Britney's career / and or their bank balances (although Lynne denies being on the payroll until the fanclub kicked off.)

According to Lynne, Britney popped her cherry to a football player age 14, started on recreational drugs at 15 and by sweet sixteen was sleeping with Justin Timberlake under her mother's roof. Somewhere in between the bed hopping, she was busted carrying cocaine and cannabis on a private jet, although nothing it seems was ever made of it. Mental breakdowns circa 2006 were par for the course.

On the other hand, Momma Spears' book might be much less explosive, simply “revealing the heart of a mother who struggles to keep faith at the center of her life” while rearing two obnoxiously famous daughters. Some sources also claim she will accept some blame for having farmed Britney out so young to managers and record companies who clearly didn't have her best interests at heart.

Either way, the high profile mother - daughter relationship which has been sour to the point of curdling since 2006 has probably just gone full on bad. Should make Lynne Spears a pretty penny in book sales though. Every cloud.

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