Lovers reunited

Speculation is rife about the relationship of Kylie Minogue and ex-boyfriend Olivier Martinez after the pair were spotted out and about together in Paris. Kylie and Olivier took strolls through the park and stared into each other’s eyes over drinks at cafes in the city of romance. Onlookers said they looked very intimate. Could they be back together?

The Sun says that insiders say that Kylie says she is “overwhelmed with happiness” at their reunion. The pair split over a year ago towards the end of the pop star’s battle with cancer. Actor Olivier was reported to have been unfaithful to Kylie, although she set records straight to the media saying that all talk of cheating was completely untrue. The Daily Mail is also reporting that Kylie has set down strict ground rules – no, not that he does the washing up more often – that they try for a baby.

So Kylie might be another in a string of celebrities to be starting a family. Let’s hope that if she does fall pregnant she doesn’t try to deny it until we can practically see the baby’s head. We are sooo tired of that. Oh, who are we kidding? She probably will – one baggy dress for Miss Minogue then…

Well, whatever happens, we hope Kylie has made the right decision. We can only wait and see…

(Image: from YouTube)

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