Lover not a fighter

Channel 4's Big Fat Gypsy Wedding has taken the rubbish-telly watching section of the world by storm. Ironic fancy-dress parties have been held, twitter is awash with ecstatic commentary, and the subjects of the show have become celebs. But Paddy Doherty is not happy. Paddy is currently in court, having been apparently beaten up by his cousin, Johnny Joyce. The BFGW star is annoyed at his 'hardman' image, claiming that Danny Dyer (of all people) created it.

Paddy told The Mirror, 'The crew tells you what to say and you play along. Danny Dyer made me out to be a very different person than I was. I was lying for the cameras, having a laugh and saying what they wanted. But I never did that. I was showing off. That was 30-odd years ago. That was the travelling culture. I’m a peacemaker now. I’m not a fighter.'

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