Love Muscle Russell is a huge ratings winner

The yanks may have taken a while to come round to his cheerfully savage Brand of humour, but MTV bosses couldn't get enough of Russell Brand's wit on Sunday and have already asked him to present next year's VMAs. The Love Muscle pulled in record ratings at this year's VMAs, and top brass are rubbing their hands together in glee at the thought of more rocketing ratings next year.

"My phone hasn't stopped ringing. Most people thought it was great and I'm pleased with how it went. The executive producer came up to me straight after the show and asked me to sign up to do next year's awards too. The viewing figures went up 20 per cent on last year's show which is unbelievable. I'm really flattered" Russell told The Mirror. However, he also spoke of the fear of blurting out something truly risque on stage and the pressure of knowing most of the Western world would be tuned into see it.

“The VMAs are the hardest thing I have ever done and I will think very carefully before accepting their kind offer of doing it again. I spent a lot of time suppressing the urge to scream a career- ending remark during the show. The knowledge that you could say something that would make the world go nuts was difficult” he told The Sun.

Lucky he didn't slip in the gag about Sarah Palin forcing her daughter to have a baby because she's so anti abortion, or sending her to the electric chair on account of being pregnant before marriage as Russell had originally planned to say. In the end MTV bosses persuaded the wildcat to tone the show down a bit. Meaning Dubya got off pretty lightly with the retarded cowboy gag....

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